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Perfect Baby Gift - SALE now!
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Perfect Baby Gift - SALE now!

luxurious comforts

Everyone deserves the best comfort.
At WOOLA, you can find the best authentic Australian made sheepskin products.

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We believe naturalness keep things at their best.
Woola Baby Sheepskin Rug

The hottest baby essential 2020!

From newborn to toddler, it is specially designed and handcrafted for your baby through all milestones.

Woola Sheepskin Rug Home Styling

Woola Lifestyle

Whether you're searching for Style or Comfort for your home, Woola has it all. We handpick our products which are not only stylish but heavenly comfy too. You'll Love them.
Woola Sheepskin Rug Office Styling

Woola Designer

Whether you are a decorator for clients or your own, you'll find a unique piece that suit any space and any style here at Woola. Our Designer Collection is one of a kind and will compliment your designs of any room.

Woola Certified Hi-temp Medical Rug is CSIRO and Standards Australia certified. These rugs are specifically designed and manufactured for high temperature laundering. They can be thermally disinfected hence ideal for everyday use for people with medical conditions. It regulates temperature on contacted body part, reduces 50% of pressure compared to mattress and absorbs moisture to make skin feels dry and cool.

Personalised Gift Packaging

Our product comes in beautiful linen bag which is perfect for gift order. We provide FREE message card with gift order too. You can also order a bespoke gift packaging for a small cost.

Custom Made

We work closely with amazing local cordwainers. If you have an awesome idea, we are more than happy to help. Contact us for a chat and bring your idea to life.
Woola 100% Australian Made
100% Australian Made
"We know where our products come from,
and we know people who made them."


Woola guarantees all products are made from genuine animal hides. All hides are sourced ethically in Australia.


All hides are by-product from farming process in Australia. We are strongly against animal cruelty and only take benefit from by-products of other industry.

Environmental Friendly

Our tanner uses minimal chemicals in the tanning process as well as carefully managing waste disposal.
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