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Woola Australia Certified Medical Rug

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• Pressure soreness prevention and relief;
• highly breathable and well ventilated by its nature, suitable all year round;
• Thermal disinfection with up to 80ºc machine laundering;
• Absorb moisture and can rapidly dissipate moisture away, ideal for immobile patients;
• Low friction coefficient, reduce strain on skin and shear forces on the underlying tissue;
• Ideally for bedridden or people with backsore;
• Versatile and suitable for bed, sofa, chair and car.
• Australian Standard AS4480.1 certified;
• CSIRO regulated product;
• 100% pure Merino sheepskin;
• 100% sourced, tanned and manufactured in Australia;

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Additional information

Size Guide:
Length 105-110 cm ; Width 65-70 cm ; Thickness 3 cm
All rugs are slightly varied in shape and measurement as they are natural products.
Each skin is hand crafted to the shape of sheep to minimise lost on wool.

Emerald Green
Colour coding designate for Australian Medical Sheepskin Rug by Standards Australia.

Care instruction:
Regular airing, brushing, vacuuming and spot cleaning will keep rug at its best condition.
Washing: Machine washable on delicate wool cycle or hand wash with wool detergent only. The medical rug is designed for up to 80ºc laundering to be sanitised and sterilised. Detail care instruction click here.
We are providing detail washing instructions on our website. However due to uncontrollable variable on washing we are not guarantee the washing outcome. 

Due to the nature of the product, each rug will be in slightly different shape. No two rugs are the same.

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