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Is the rug made from real sheepskin and where it’s coming from?

Yes. All our rugs are 100% genuine, real Merino sheepskin that sourced sustainably within Australia. We work closely with local tannery to get the best quality of sheepskin. As we use only the by-product of farming process here in Australia, each year there is limited quantity of Merino sheepskin can be produced. All rugs are processed from raw sheep hides and tanned in local tannery in Victoria. We give “Woola Guarantee” for all products we sell.

How to take care of sheepskin rug? Can it be washed?

It is very easy care for Woola rugs as they are natural “wool-on-skin”. By regular airing, brushing and vacuuming will keep the rug at it best condition at all time. Please refer to Woola sheepskin rug care instruction.

How to clean sheepskin rug? Can it be washed?

Yes. As Woola rugs are natural wool-on-skin sheepskin, they can be washed. However, different rug has a preferred cleaning method. You will need to follow specific washing process to keep your rug at its best. We have prepared a very detailed care instruction to teach you how to wash your sheepskin rug.

What is wool detergent and where can I get them?

Wool detergent is specially formulated for laundering wool products without harmful chemicals that may cause rapid and irreversible damage, shrinkage and hardening of chrome tanned leathers.
We recommend our trusted Australian made Woolskin for Woola’s rugs laundry. This specially formulated detergent not only gentle on wool pile but also ideal for the leather. It is formulated specifically with CSIRO for laundering Hitemp UR Australian Medical Sheepskin AS4480.1. It does not contain harsh chemical, but tea tree oil and lemon myrtle oil that kill dust mites and pet allergen. We will include small quantity of Woolskin detergent with all rug orders. We also sell it here.
If you use wool detergent other than Woolskin, please make sure that the wool detergent you use does not contain enzymes, alkali, phosphate, peroxides or bleaches.

Is Woola’s product really made in Australia?

Yes. Woola guarantees that every product we sell are 100% sourced, tanned, processed and manufactured in Australia. We do not outsource any part of the products. Every process takes place here in Australia. Our product only leave mainland of Australia when we ship for oversea orders.
Australian sheepskins have high reputation and always in high demand due to its unbeatable natural wool quality. Most of the sheepskin rugs on the market are labelled as “Australian Sheepskin”. Sadly, most of them are tanned, processed and manufactured outside Australia. The cheap tanning and manufacturing process using large amount of chemicals which is not safe for users and not environmental friendly. That is why we committed to bring you 100% Australian Made rugs which are safe for all skin types include new born and babies.

How do I know I’m buying the real sheepskin product?

With “Woola Guarantee” you can be firmly confident that you are buyer 100% genuine sheepskin products that is also 100% made in Australia. The real wool-on-skin sheepskin shall not have wool fibres fall out easily. It has around 1% fibre lost in general over its life span depending on how it treated.
The real sheepskin rug will also have genuine leather back. The texture of sheep hides is soft and matt.

Is Woola’s products ecologically and environmental friendly?

Yes, of course! We work closely with our tannery and we make sure that the manufacturing process is highly monitored and controlled with chemical usage and wastage. Our tannery follows the high EPA standards making sure all activities in the tannery are ecological and environmental friendly. Merino wool is made out of keratin, much like human hair, it is completely biodegradable. When it is eventually disposed of, it will breakdown, decomposing to release vital nutrients back into the soil, acting like a fertiliser.

Is Woola against animal cruelty?

Yes we are! Woola promises to only use the by-product of farming process here in Australia. We have a stable supply of sheepskins through the local lamb industry. Therefore, our supply may be limited by the lamb industry. Our products are variable in size, cutting shape and wool length, and they are surely not flawless given the variability of the raw material.


What is the best way to contact Woola?

We have live chat set up on our website to provide you instant support for all your queries. You can also contact us in other ways as you preferred.

I have question on product I bought, can you help me?

Sure! We are here to help with all your questions, even after your purchase. You are part of the community as long as you own a Woola product. Contact us at any time when you need us.


How do I know if my order was placed successfully?

We will process all orders within 24 hours. Once your order is confirmed, we will send you an Order Confirmation Receipt to the nominated email you provided with your order. We will also include relevant shipping details in the confirmation.

Can I change my order?

We are only able to amend your order before it is confirmed and shipped. All orders will be processed within 24 hours. If you need to change any of your order including billing and shipping details please contact us immediately. Please note that Woola has “strictly no refund” policy on all orders.

How do I pay for my order?

Woola offers secure payment method using PayPal, the world’s largest online payment provider. You can pay by VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit cards, or by debit cards* or bank transfer through PayPal payment facility. (*Debit cards are accepted, if they have a Visa or MasterCard logo). All payments will take place through PayPal’s facilities. Woola does not have access and does not store any form of personal and sensitive information or data from the process.

Which rug is best for me?

If you’re looking for decorative rug for your home and lifestyle comforts for yourself, Woola Long Wool Rug will be your choice. It is ideal for sofa, armchair, sitting chair, floor, bed, bedroom or anywhere you like it to be. The ultimate luxurious and fluffiness look will give your home a great touch up. It is also ultra-comfortable and soothing to sit or lay on it.
If you’re getting a rug for your baby or children, Woola Baby Rug will be suitable for you. The specific manufacturing process and minimal chemical used on these rugs make it completely safe for your precious ones. The soft wool fibres are very gentle and soothing for babies. It is our mum’s favourite to use as underlay for anywhere they put baby to sleep as it soothes baby well and keep them calm. The length of the wool also ideal for new born. It can be washed and quick dry.
If you’re looking a rug specifically for pressure relief and comfort for your loved ones, Woola Medical Rug is the best to suit your need. This rug is CSIRO designed and governed, certified by Standards Australia – AS4480.1, guarantee the best features like pressure release, ventilation, body temperature regulation, all-year-round versatile, machine washable and thermally disinfected at 80ºC launder. It is ideal for bed ridden patient, people with medical condition or limited mobility, people with back soreness or bone spurs. It also provides ultimate comforts for long hour sitting and improves any sleeping discomfort. It is widely used in nursing homes, retirement villages, care centres, hospitals and physiotherapy clinics.
Feel free to contact our customer service via live chat, call, or emails to help you choosing a rug.

Can I buy the rug as a gift?

Yes, of course! When placing the order, you will need to fill up your details under the billing section, then provide us the recipient’s details under shipping section. We can also include any notes or cards on special request for small charges.
Please note: we do not exchange or refund on gift order.

Do you sell in store?

We do not have a retail store just yet. However, we have authorised stockists in a few cities that might be close to you. If you wish to have a close look on our product before order it, you can contact us and we will try our best to help.

How to order a product that is out of stock?

If you need a product that is out of stock, please contact us. We will do our best to get the stock in as quickly as possible for you. If not, we will also let you know the waiting time for that.

Does Woola ships worldwide?

Yes, we do! Check here for estimated shipping cost and delivery time for popular destinations. If you cannot see your country listed in the table please contact us and we will assist accordingly.

Do you ship to P.O. Box?

Sorry, we don’t. Due to security reason and to avoid parcel get lost, we recommend to receive the parcel in person in any way.

How long it takes for my parcel to deliver?

Here is the estimated delivery time for popular destinations:
Estimated Delivery Time
Australia & New Zealand
Within 3 business days
3 – 7 business days
USA & Canada
5 – 10 business days
5 – 10 business days
Elsewhere in the world
Contact us
Check here for detailed shipping information. Usually parcel will be delivered within 14 days the most. If you have not received your parcel after 14 days we confirmed your order, please contact us.

My parcel hasn’t arrived, what should I do?

Usually parcel will be delivered within 14 days the most. If you have not received your parcel 14 days after we confirmed your order, please contact us. We are not liable for parcel lost under wrong address you provided or vendor’s faults, however, we will assist the whole process to track down your parcel.

Where is the product shipped from?

To bring you the most time and cost effective shipping option, we may ship your order from one of our authorised stockists that is closer to you. We will include this information when we confirm your order. All stocks at our stockists are from the same manufacturer in Australia.


I think the product is faulty, what should I do?

If you receive a product which you think is faulty or damaged, please contact us immediately (we will not accept any claim which made after 24 hours since parcel received). Your claim has to be formally lodged to us via email at [email protected] Please provide us your name, phone number, order confirmation number, description of the fault, photograph(s) of the fault and your received date and time. We will assess your claim within 24 hours. Check here for the return & exchange policy for faulty product.

I received the wrong product, what should I do?

If you received a product that is not you originally ordered, we will ship the correct product within 24 hours from your claim. Your claim has to be formally lodged to us via email at [email protected] Please provide us your name, phone number, order confirmation receipt, delivery docket and a photograph of the product you received. We will assess your claim within 24 hours. Check here for the return & exchange policy for incorrect product.

I think I bought the wrong product, can I exchange or refund?

Sorry, we will not grant return or exchange on “change of mind” purchase. We are here to assist you to choose the right product that suit you, so feel free to contact us. You can also refer to “Which rug is best for me?” above.