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Our Promises

Woola Sheepskin Rug Office Styling

Our Promise and Mission.

Everyone deserves the best. We hope to bring luxurious comforts to people around the world. At Woola, you can trust to find the best sheepskin products.

Australian Made

Woola guarantees that all sheepskin rugs we sell are 100% sourced, tanned, manufactured and processed in Australia. We do not outsource any part of the products. Every process takes place locally in Australia.

Australian sheepskins are well sought after thanks to its unbeatable pure and fine wool quality. Most of the sheepskin rugs on the market are labelled as “Australian Sheepskin”. Sadly, majority of them are tanned and manufactured in Asia. The cheap tanning and manufacturing process using large amount of chemicals which is not safe for users and not environmental friendly. Being an Australian owned business, it is our pride to bring you 100% Australian made products.


All Woola sheepskin rugs are made from Australian Merino sheepskins. We use only Merino to produce the best, finest, premium sheepskin rugs to the world. The exclusive features of Merino have made our rugs stand out among others. They have the highest density of wool pile, finest long wool fibres, great resilience and versatility. They are not only decorative but beneficial to infants, patients and people in needs of pressure relief. We are not bringing you an average sheepskin rug, but a rug that serves a purpose.


All our rugs have Woola Authenticity stamp at the back of the rug. The stamp is permanently embedded on the leather. There is also the official “Product of Australia” tag that come with the rug. These features guarantee the originality of our products.


Woola Australian Medical Rugs are labelled with highly regarded CSIRO certification(s). Every rug have the official CSIRO stamp embedded on the sheepskin. This gives ultimate confidence to our customers that each of these Medical Rugs meet all the requirements.